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Customer Opinion

Mr. Tea came to our company’s event, and it was a big hit! The barista was really nice and made the tea just the way we wanted. It made our event even better!

David M.
Customer Opinion

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Mr. Tea for his exquisite handcrafted teas, which have brought joy and energy to our teachers and staff. Cheers to Mr. Tea and his delicious tea!

Old Mill Elementary
Customer Opinion

Mr. Tea is amazing. His unique blends are not only delicious but they are served by an incredible human. If you haven’t had one yet we strongly recommend you go see him, you’ll enjoy the tea and the energy he brings!!

Robert J.
Customer Opinion

Mr. Tea did an amazing job for our staff on Opening Day! He was happy to accommodate any requests the staff had and was very professional with his service. We can’t wait to have him back!

Brittany J.
Customer Opinion

My daughters and I tried his teas for the first time at the festival! It was the best that I have ever had!! The Teas were balanced and very delicious! I can’t wait to try more flavors!!

Brittany T.
Customer Opinion

Absolutely delicious drinks you won’t find anywhere else!

Amanda A.
Customer Opinion

His music playing and infectious smile were a compliment to his wonderful tea! You can tell he is passionate about the tea he makes as well as wonderful customer service. Highly recommend!

Shelby S.
Customer Opinion

Mr. Tea made a great addition to our daughter’s first birthday party! He brings great energy with amazing drinks. Our guests were very impressed with his selection, attention to detail, and how he customized the menu for our party. I highly recommend Mr. Tea for your next event!

Trisha S.
Customer Opinion

Light Up Mt Washington was such a fun event tonight. Great food, great music and great family fun. Mr. Tea  had excellent hot chocolate and a great strawberry tea drink that hit the spot on this chilly night!


Nathan B.
Customer Opinion

WHOA!! This has got to be one of the best dessert teas I’ve ever had! It really really tastes like blueberry pie! can’t recommend his teas enough know I’ve got to try more ASAP!

Krista M.
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Add a special touch to your birthday party with Mr. Tea's vibrant tea creations.


Create a memorable school event with Mr. Tea's diverse tea options and friendly service.


Experience Mr. Tea's artisanal teas at the farmers market, served with a smile.


Delight festival-goers with Mr. Tea's refreshing hot and cold tea flavors.

WEDDING Receptions

Make your wedding unforgettable with Mr. Tea's delightful tea blends.


Elevate your corporate gatherings with Mr. Tea's unique flavors and exceptional service.


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